Message Of Principal


We know that modern knowledge in Science and Technology, Engineering and Medical Science, Trade and Commerce, Art and Culture is based on English.

Our children cannot utilize their merits and potentialities due to dearth knowledge in English.

Although English medium under British Curriculum has somewhat helped to acquire knowledge in English, it is very expensive, at the same time, it has got no link with our National Culture and Tradition.

Based on this demand of the society Global School and College, Dhaka has come forward to solve these problems by providing quality education in English Version under National Curriculum.

The objectives of this educational institution are to develop both practical and moral needs of our future leaders of the nation.

The students will also be encouraged to develop special skills by extracurricular activities to keep pace with the modern world. Special care will be provided to the weak students so that they can complete their lesson during school hour.

Global School and College, Dhaka is committed to provide modern education using the latest technology. Special emphasis will be given on religious and ethical lessons. The major strength of this institution is its dedicated management, skilled teachers and efficient work force.
Let ‘Global’ be the part of the success of our child to develop a prosperous and golden Bangladesh.

M.S. Alam

Global School and College